Stephen Alan

Lead Vocals

The VOICE.  When hearing Stephen sing for the first time, the reaction from most listeners (including all of us) has been consistently the same: jaws drop, eyes bulge, and expletives fly!  Clearly influenced by Steve Perry, with a healthy blend of Steve Augieri on the side, our Stephen fills some massive shoes in the vocal department.  He is also a singer / songwriter who has fronted several Orlando area bands including BlindFold, Lost In Chaos, and Mad As Adam.  He starred as Stacee Jaxx in Theatreworks Florida’s production of Rock Of Ages at the Dr. Phillips Center.  A lifelong Journey fan, he is extremely excited to be a part of CONTINUUM and to work with such talented musicians.

Mark Cohn

Keyboards, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

A Founding member of CONTINUUM, Mark Cohn is a multi-instrumentalist who also serves as the band’s Musical Director.  In the 80’s, Mark became a card-carrying Superfan after his brother-in-law loaned him the “Captured” album on vinyl. Since then, and during his 20-year walkabout through Los Angeles and Nashville, he studied all things Journey to a Ph.D. level.  Mark takes great pride in his obsessive attention to detail to the music and sound design of Jonathan Cain and Gregg Rolie.  He is elated with modern music tech which allows him to recreate the sounds off the albums with software versions of the actual instruments.

Sean Mormelo

Lead Guitars, Vocals

Also a Founding member, and also a multi-instrumentalist, Sean Mormelo popped out of the womb with guitar-in-hand, and hasn’t stopped since. Sean has a wide range of influences. On guitar, they span from Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Eddie Van Halen, and the many Rock Gods of the 80’s. But he was also moved by the songwriters and troubadours of the 70’s. This led to Sean becoming a prolific singer/songwriter in his own right, with hundreds of original compositions.

Luis "Brooks" Torres


Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Luis “Brooks” Torres discovered his love for percussion instruments early.  Luis began playing in bands in the early 80’s, and quickly discovered his idol Steve Smith.  Within a decade, he was recording and appearing on the top TV and radio shows in Puerto Rico.  A few years later, Luis was laying down the backbeat for the top cover band in the San Juan metropolitan area and playing the best clubs and concert venues on the island.  Brooks also had a brief stint as the drummer of Puerto Rican Superstar Pop ballad singer Wilkins.